Grandmaster Abner Pasa

Grandmaster Abner Pasa is the founder and President of the Institute of Filipino Martial Arts in Cebu City, Philippines. Grandmaster Pasa is recognized worldwide not only for his high level in all aspects of the Philippine Martial Arts but also for his work in the spread of the Filipino Martial Arts in general.

Grandmaster Abner is also the founder of the Warriors Eskrima System, which he developed after intense training in styles like:

  • Yaming System of GM Fortunato “Atong” Garcia
  • Larga Mano System of GM Eulogio “Inkyo Yoling” Cañete
  • Excalibur System of GM Larry Alquezar
  • Pangamut System of GM Tanny Del Campo, Master Kayong
  • Sword and Dagger System of GM Filemon “Momoy” Cañete
  • Balintawak System of Master Malaig-on, “Boring” Heyrosa, Teofilo Velez
  • Filipino Wrestling: Master Arcales
  • Sinangay (tuwang-tuwang, short staff for load carriers): Del Castillo
  • GM Abner is the inheritor of Eulogio’s “Yoling” Cañete System , the first teacher to grant him the status of Grandmaster, later he would receive it from both Vicente “Inting” Carin and from Fortunato García
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