Panantukan – Filipino Boxing

Chief Instructor Guro Ibrahim - Birmingham Filipino Martial Arts Academy

Panantukan follows the lines of the blade as can be seen by the numerous angles of attack, the various strikes such as hammer fists, open hand and closed fist strikes, elbow strikes, finger jabs, eye-gouging, grinding, pinching, biting, head butts and the use of ginutings, split and shock entries with the emphasis being on limb destruction finding it’s philosophical roots in the Filipino proverb of ‘Defanging the Snake’.

Panantukan is also known as “street boxing” or “dirty boxing” since there is no fixed set of rules. It is a fighting system which is aimed at maximum efficiency. In contrast to “normal” competitive boxing and kickboxing, street boxing uses the whole body as a weapon.

Panantukan also has a particular style of groundwork which consists of breaking the opponent’s balance (body manipulation), takedowns, bars, and controlling techniques on the ground.

The constant changes in the angle and level of the attack are another technical aspect of Panantukan. It is especially attractive due to its comprehensive training concepts, efficiency, speed, dynamics, timing, precision, and its typical flow of action.

The training curriculum contains techniques, drills, combinations, kicks, takedowns, locks, and sparring.