Birmingham Filipino Martial Arts Academy - Guro Ibrahim

Eskrima refers to a class of Filipino Martial Arts that emphasize stick and sword fighting. The term and the art most probably originate from the Spanish word eskrima which is the term for fencing. Other related terms which have entered into common usage include “Kali” and “Arnis de Máno” (“harness of the hand”). Occasionally, the abbreviation “FMA” (“Filipino Martial Arts”) is used. Eskrima and Arnis are among the many names often used in the Philippines today to refer to these arts.

Eskrima comes from the Spanish word for “skirmish” or “fencing”. It is one of the names in the Philippines for martial arts which use sticks and blades as the basis of their movement principles and training methods.

Eskrima is also known as Arnis or Kali, although there are many other names for martial arts among the languages and dialects of the Philippines. The martial traditions of other cultures often teach unarmed skills first and then teach the students to regard a weapon as an extension of the empty hand. In FMA (Filipino Martial Arts), weapons are used from the earliest stages.